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The use of cartons, tea chests, paper, bubble wrap, plastic covers will maintain and protect your goods whilst in storage.

Fill your cartons to capacity because partially filled, they will bulge, tip and collapse.

Pack heavy items like books and tools into smaller boxes so that they are easier to handle.

Label and number your cartons in case you have to find something while it is in storage.

All larger items should go into the unit first, placed on the floor with lighter things on top of them. You can also fill the drawers and cupboards of furniture items with smaller goods.

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Spray furniture with good polish beforehand.

It is best to cover your effects with old sheets, blankets or towels especially if you are storing for an extended period of time.

During humid summer and damp winter months we recommend that you use a moisture absorber in your unit, especially if you are storing sensitive equipment. Please ask how to use and maintain these.

Defrost, dry and clean refrigerators and freezers before storing and leave doors ajar. A deodoriser placed inside is also a good idea to maintain freshness. You can also connect your fridge or freezer to a power source in one of our designated units for only $10.00 per month.

Drain water from washing machine hoses and tape them to the back of the machine. Mark hoses hot or cold if not indicated.

Wrap breakables (China/Crystal) individually in bubble wrap or paper, packing them tightly into a strong box or tea chest. Fill gaps with scrunched paper to prevent items moving around. Mark the box FRAGILE and store carefully so that it cannot fall down. Do not place anything heavy on top. Paintings, mirrors, bubble-wrap, and store in an upright position.

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Wrap mattresses, bed bases and lounge suites with cloth or plastic covers.

Use cartons, plastic or cloth bags for storing clothing. Place additional pest strips or mothballs inside.

Computers, stereos, TV, videos and electrical equipment need special care. The original boxes are highly recommended for packing. However, bubble-wrap and good quality cartons will do the job. Pack out the gaps. If you are unsure, refer to the manufacturer’s manual or consult your retailer.

We recommend that you remove batteries from battery-operated appliances and toys to avoid damage from leaking batteries.

Keep items off the floor for long term storage to improve airflow. We have pallets available, please ask us if you require any, or use cardboard to cover the concrete floor.

Use a light coating of oil on exposed metal to retard rust.

We regularly spray the whole complex for insects. If you are storing documents you may want to use additional powders for extra prevention of silver fish.

We place vermin bait inside every unit and alongside the fence lines for precautionary measures. Please make sure children do not handle or swallow those.

You may purchase from our storage facilities: Contents Insurance, moisture absorbers and refills, padlocks, mattress covers, bubble wrap, cardboard and other storage aids. For more information, please contact us.

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